A Kidnapped Kid

How Sad Turns to Glad…plus some kidnapping

I Think The Title Threw You…No?

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The coolest thing about San Diego aside from the pacific breeze, is that every restaurant owner seems to make it their business to push people as closely together as possible. Sales in this place must be rockin’ because there are way more people packed in than the fire marshal would have liked to see. No bistro seating here because you’d be under water, but the glass surrounding the tables makes you feel like you’re close enough to the outside. If we weren’t surrounded by the diamonds bouncing off the water, I would have lost sight of where I was and for a brief moment, I did. It was like a skit from a TV show or something. What caught my ear was a heavy sigh followed by an expletive that sounded something like —

“Ugh, you look like a diesel dyke!”

“Whatever happened to fuckin’ lipstick lesbians?” — coming from the mouth of a short haired blond woman two tables over.

I didn’t think I had heard her right, but the silence from the other patrons reassured me. She was small and thin with pointy features and I wouldn’t have thought immediately “lesbian” and I certainly wouldn’t have thought “bully” if we had passed on the street, but clearly, I would have been mistaken.

“I can’t stand those damn boots! Don’t you have no better shoes?”

“I’m tired of you dressin’ like you’re goin’ to a Pink concert.”

The dish water blonde of the other woman’s hair didn’t strike me before her incredible blue eyes did. Unreal and uncommon is truly how one would describe the blue of her eyes. The Pacific is dark and cold, sometimes slate blue, but her eyes were more like the Caribbean. I’m sure that I was staring and I would have gotten in trouble, but my girl was watching the display too.

It was as if there was an invisible barrier between them when she suddenly stopped in mid stride. There was no judgement at all behind my feelings as I watched their interaction, until I saw her eyes. In those few seconds, I knew that one of the two women was too good for the other. More jarring than her full stop, was the look of surprise on her face. I was able to witness a full range of emotion in one smooth second while her surprise gradually melted into sadness and finally resolve. No words came out. Her only response was to turn on her boot heels and walk out. Watching and still not believing, all I wanted to do was cheer her on as she walked away from what was probably the very last straw.

“Who gives a shit?” Said the sitting succubus as she ordered another Captain and diet.

Nothing was really said at my table for the rest of the meal. I finished my tuna melt and looked at my girlfriend. We laughed quietly as if we were sharing some inside joke, though I’m certain our entire half of the restaurant witnessed the same thing we did. “What do we look like when we walk down the street?” She only answered with a shrug and we both realized that we hadn’t done anything but watch for the longest time and we knew it was time to go. While we were walking out, I caught a glimpse of us in the window outside. I grabbed her hand and decided that I was lucky. No judgement, no mean words and twenty years of genuinely liking each other. I felt like the luckiest woman in San Diego.

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